• American Expeditionary Force Mk IV Mega Machine Gun Tank

The American Expeditionary force arrived at the Western front only 12 weeks after the mines were detonated, but the war had not changed too much. Battle lines had moved and it appeared to be raining more than before, but death was still everywhere.

The Americans chose very quickly to work with a lend-lease idea for British Tanks on the Western Front, using the current British Tanks and also upgrading some to their own options, this is where the MkIV Mega Machine Gun Tank came from.

What do you get:

  • 1 resin cast Mk II hull
  • 2 metal cast side sponsons
  • 1 metal cast exhaust
  • 1 6" long Barreled Cannon
  • 2 Mega Machine guns
  • 2 new Heavy machine guns