• 6MM ASLAV-25 Mission Variant 1:285 SCALE

ASLAVs have been delivered in six variants: reconnaissance, personnel carrier, command, ambulance, surveillance, fitters and recovery. ASLAV-25 reconnaissance is a three-man reconnaissance vehicle armed with an M242 dual-feed 25mm Bushmaster cannon and two 7.62mm MAG58 machine guns. ASLAV-PC is a personnel carrier armed with a .50-calibre machine gun and capable of carrying seven troops. ASLAV-C is a command vehicle equipped with modern communication equipment and radio masts, mapboard and stowage compartments.

ASLAV-S is a surveillance vehicle equipped with a thermal imager, a laser range finder and a day television camera. ASLAV-A, an ambulance variant, carries medical equipment and litter stations. It can accommodate three lying patients or six sitting.

This pack contains three 6mm ASLAV-25

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6MM ASLAV-25 Mission Variant 1:285 SCALE

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