About Us

Slave 2 Gaming was formed in 2015, we are a small business of only two people (at the moment) that has started with the idea to provide customers with a different style of miniatures and service.

Currently we sell Mike Broadbent designed miniatures in varying scales, for the Fantasy range and also our Dark World War range.

Plans are already in place for a range of 3D printed, resin cast 18mm scale tanks for the British and Prussian lines of the Dark World war range.

What the future holds is anyone's guess, but we love to hear from visitors to the site who might like to see new and different product produced. Drop us a line with your thoughts, the worst we can do is say "we'll might get to that later!"

Note: this is taken from the Terms and conditions -

7. Ordering and Time taken

Slave 2 Gaming currently only holds limited stock of all of its products, therefore when a customer places an order they agree and accept that the said order can up to 10 days before it is sent out from Slave 2 Gaming to the customer.

The time taken to send out an order is due to the fact that once we receive the order, we then give the order to the caster and make an order to suit what the customer requires. Once the customers order is cast and sent to us, we ensure that it is packed correctly and send it off to the customer

We at Slave 2 Gaming will take every available step to ensure that the customers order is sent out upon arrival in as short a time as possible.