Base Swapping Conditions

Gday guys, there are some basic rules as to the base swapping program that Slave 2 Gaming offers, these are designed for both yours and our protection, and so that this system can work well and not be taken advantage of.

 Rule 1. Only applies to 28mm. At this time the 28mm figures have bases and the 18mm scale do not, we are currently discussing with manufacturers and distributors the idea of Rendra style bases for our 18mm range, but currently do not offer bases for them.

Rule 2. Specific bases can be swapped. So the idea is to make it easier for players to use their figures for the game they choose. This means that certain figures are allowed to exchange their bases for a selection of bases that S2G has decided.

Here’s the selection:

28mm infantry can choose from:

  • ·         25mm round beveled edge
  • ·         20mm square
  • ·         25mm square
  • ·         30mm round nosed

28mm large figures (ie: Cavalry and Alien Heavy weapon) can choose from:

  • ·         25x50mm Cavalry base
  • 50mm round nosed