• Prussian W7V Troop Transport

With the increase in Tank production in 1920, the Prussian High command sort to solve the problem of the A7V being top-heavy. They did this by removing the tracked ability and widening the footprint with armoured wheels. The W7V was born.

The first thing that was decided, was to create a troop transport. War had become far more fluid since the opening of the Hell Gate, and the Prussians wanted to be able to move their troops quickly.

What do you get:

  •  1 resin W7V Hull
  • 2 metal Heavy Machine Gun
  • 2 metal window guards
  • 1 metal 80mm short Barreled cannon
  • 1 metal rear door extension
  • 4 wheels and axles

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Prussian W7V Troop Transport

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